Thursday, August 7, 2014


Hi Everyone, first of all let me say thank you for the wonderful emails and comments I have been receiving since I closed the store.  They mean more to me than you will ever know.
It has been a slow adjustment to retirement and I thought I would bring you up to date.  I have to say that I certainly don't miss working 6 days a week, and being able to spend more time with my family has been amazing...but I do miss all of  you!  The questions...the chats...the sharing...the excitement about new products...all of that was part of my day to day, and that is no longer happening.
I am rolling some ideas around in my head for the fall, but haven't come to any concrete decisions as yet, but I will keep you updated.
Take care for now,  and KEEP STAMPING!


Karon said...

Glad that you are enjoying your retirement and time with your grandson. At least you know that you made the right decision. Have a great weekend.

Brenda L said...

Glad to hear from you again - finally - and that you're enjoying your free time (you certainly deserve it!!) I also miss the little chats and 'artsy info'...

Sharon deVries said...

So glad to hear you have some things in the works, Heather! Be sure to keep us posted! Until then, enjoy your time. I know what a satisfying time retirement can be! said...

I am so glad to hear you are enjoying retirement and family. You deserve every minute of it. I also miss dropping in and having chats about everything under the sun. Are you enjoying your new kitchen? I would love to hear what plans you have for the future. Miss you bunches and bunches.
Yvonne Gibb