Monday, February 24, 2014

Hi Everyone, well we are officially closed and have packed up what was left of our inventory.  We still have 1 paper rack and several racks for stamps pads, a few acrylic stands if anyone is interested. I will be at the store today and probably tomorrow if you have any questions. I will be writing more information tomorrow.

A little bit of good news for those who love taking Heather Telfords classes (and who doesn't love taking them!). She will be teaching at  Riverside United Church, 3191 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 8N8 and below is a link to sign up for her classes, and a picture of the wonderful cards you will be making.


jane said...

So sad to see you go, I know I am being selfish, and you deserve to retire, but I will miss your store, your inspiration, and the great person that you are.
Good luck.

Jane Shepherd
Nepean, ON

jane said...

I tried to publish, it did not tell me my comment was saved, so I will try again.

I am so sorry to see you go, it is purley selfish as I know you deserve to retire.
I will miss your store, your inspiration and you, as a kind and gentle person.

All the best.

Jane Shepherd

Monica said...

I am in total agreement with Jane. By having this store, you've enriched many lives and we are so grateful. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to flex my teaching muscle. What a great experience! And I will miss our chats and your observations on all things crafty.

Lana said...

I will miss you Heather but you deserve to retire and spend more time with your family.

Thank you for everything and all the best.